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Being prepared for emergencies

The following are some of the recommendations FEMA makes in its ‘Ready Business’ plan, which involves protecting your employees and your facility:

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Online optical purchases

"According to Alan Ulsifer, chair and CEO of FYidoctors, data shows that anywhere from 9 to 27 percent of consumers are now purchasing eyewear and contact lenses online."

For more details, read our article Taming the Tiger: Internet Retailing for the Bricks and Mortar Crowd

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Myth: Eating carrots will improve ones vision

The myth possibly originated because carrots are rich in the antioxidant pro-vitamin A beta-carotene, which is essential for night vision.

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Should we copy Corey Heart and wear our sunglasses at night?

Does wearing our sunglasses inside really harm the eyes?

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Is it okay to swim while wearing soft contact lenses?

Potentially blinding eye infections can result from swimming or using a hot tub while wearing contact lenses. It is always suggested to wear protective goggles when swimming.

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What animal can manipulate his eyes to look in different directions at the same time?

The Chameleon. The chameleon’s eyes are very large and can move separately in all directions.

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Where do most blind people live? In China, in India or in Africa? To have the answer, click on more...

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Virtual sight

Can blind people see? In the future, the answer to that question may be “yes” for some.

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