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Being prepared for emergencies

"The following are some of the recommendations FEMA makes in its ‘Ready Business’ plan, which involves protecting your employees and your facility:

  • Obtain emergency contact information from your employees.

  • Designate a telephone number at a location away from your primary facility where employees can call in and leave an“I’m okay” message and receive instructions.

  • If you have employees with disabilities or special needs, ask them what assistance they would need in the event of a disaster occurrence.

  • Make an Evacuation Plan, as well as a Shelter-in-Place plan. In the event of a transportation accident that releases chemicals into the air, for instance, individuals should shelter-in-place within the building. This requires shutdown of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and the closure of air intakes."

For more details, read our article When Emergency Strikes: Are You Prepared?


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