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Alcon Canada Introduces Active Sentry Handpiece And Intrepid Hybrid Tip 2021-06-29

Alcon introduced new phacoemulsification (phaco) technology to Canadian surgeons that automatically stabilizes intraocular pressure (IOP) and reduces surges.  The Active Sentry Handpiece and Intrepid Hybrid Tip, both designed to improve safety, consistency and control during cataract surgery, are now available in Canada.

Working with the Centurion Vision System, the Active Sentry Handpiece is the first and only phacoemulsification (phaco) handpiece with a built-in fluidics pressure sensor. The sensor detects fluctuations in real-time and engages Active Fluidics Technology to provide consistent intraocular pressure (IOP) throughout the whole surgery. The Centurion Vision System with Active Sentry Handpiece allows surgeons to operate at or near physiological IOP. It reduces surge by detecting pressure and triggering precise adjustments to ensure consistency maintaining a more stable intraocular environment for more controlled phaco performance.

"Wider fluctuations in IOP do lead to potentially more risk," said Dr. Ike Ahmed, Assistant Professor and Director of the Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Surgical Fellowship, University of Toronto. "Having a device that allows for surgery at physiological intraocular pressure ultimately means less discomfort for patients, less turbulence and tissue trauma, improved efficiency, and a safer procedure overall."

The Intrepid Hybrid Tip, an update to the popular Intrepid Balanced Tip, is a novel, proprietary tip with a rounded polymer edge, designed to reduce the risk of capsular tears and improve safety in the operating room. It has cutting performance suitable for cataract densities up to 3+ and has Fluidics performance and configuration identical to the Intrepid Balanced Tip.

"We are thrilled to expand our portfolio of best-in-class ocular surgical technologies with the addition of the Active Sentry Handpiece and Intrepid Hybrid Tip," said Brian O'Neal, General Manager of Alcon Canada. "These new innovations redefine phacoemulsification performance in Canada, benefiting surgeons and their patients."  

In a study, the Centurion Vision System with Active Sentry upgrades produced the lowest occlusion break surge volumes compared to two previous generation units. Another recent study also showed that the Intrepid Hybrid Tip may help surgeons during cataract surgery by adding another layer of protection for the patient.

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