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Bollé Riders Powered by Artificial Intelligence in 2021 Tour de France 2021-06-29

This year’s eagerly anticipated Tour de France (TDF) will see Bollé riders debuting its new Volt+ lens, the first sunglass lens ever created using Artificial Intelligence. Bollé tested over 20 million combinations to develop a patented solution that delivers a richer colour experience than is humanly possible. Volt+ offers 30 per cent superior colour enhancement while maintaining white balance. This revolutionary new lens technology will allow the riders to see their surroundings more vibrantly than ever before.


Speaking about his Volt+ experience, Bollé rider Jakob Fuglsang said, “With these lenses, colours become really spectacular, it’s amazing. On the road they also give the huge advantage of helping me to distinguish more clearly if there are some spots that are wet, or damp and they enable me to see the different surfaces of asphalt better. Also, I’m able to see whether there’s some dirt, some oil spots or similar hazards. It’s not only a spectacular lens when it comes to colours, but also a very good one to help improve your vision, and your safety on the bike. In addition to wearing my sunglasses in the TDF with Phantom lenses, I’m looking forward to wearing Volt+ and seeing things from a new and even more colourful perspective.”

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