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Bausch + Lomb Corporation Release Dry Eye Survey Results (USA)

Bausch + Lomb Corporation has announced findings from its first-ever State of Dry Eye survey, which examines the awareness and experiences of dry eye among American adults. Dry eye, a condition that can vary from occasional dryness to chronic dry eye disease, is increasingly common. Although there is no definitive cure, various treatments can offer relief.

The survey indicated that many respondents might not recognize their symptoms—such as redness, fluctuating vision, a scratchy or gritty sensation, tired or heavy eyes, and general irritation—as related to dry eye. Additionally, most respondents are unaware that younger people are increasingly experiencing these symptoms, and two in five are not aware that untreated dry eye can lead to other issues like fluctuating vision.

“The prevalence of dry eye is increasing, particularly among younger individuals, largely due to modern lifestyles and extensive use of digital devices,” stated Yehia Hashad, MD, executive vice president of Research & Development and chief medical officer at Bausch + Lomb. “The survey highlights the need to raise awareness about dry eye, so sufferers feel encouraged to consult eye care professionals and seek relief. That’s why we created to help facilitate these conversations.”

Key Insights from the 2024 State of Dry Eye Survey:

  1. Impact on Quality of Life:
    • 75% of dry eye sufferers find their condition extremely or very bothersome, with 31% noting worsening symptoms over time.
    • 81% are constantly aware of their eye discomfort.
    • 46% experience symptoms so severe they can almost “hear themselves blink.”
  1. Challenges in Daily Activities:
    • 67% of sufferers had to reduce or give up activities to manage symptoms, including screen time (32%), outdoor activities (25%), and wearing makeup (24%).
    • Symptoms significantly impact reading (45%), device use (35%), and driving (31%).
  1. Lack of Awareness:
    • 70% of respondents lack knowledge about preventing or treating dry eye.
    • While many experience related symptoms like tired eyes (38%), sensitivity to light (27%), and redness (19%), only 15% regularly experience dry eye, indicating a lack of recognition of the condition.
    • 43% of Americans don’t routinely visit an eye doctor, despite this being essential for diagnosis.
    • 66% are unaware that dry eye symptoms are increasingly common among younger people, likely due to modern lifestyles and increased screen time.
    • 52% believe dry eyes are difficult to manage and something people must endure.
    • 44% don’t know that untreated dry eye can lead to other eye problems and vision loss.

“Dry eye is often seen as a minor issue, but it can significantly impact daily life,” said Rebecca Petris, co-founder and president of the Dry Eye Foundation. “Early symptoms are frequently misunderstood, ignored, or self-treated. It’s crucial for people to realize that their symptoms necessitate a visit to the eye doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Fortunately, there are many treatment and management options available for dry eye sufferers.”

Those experiencing symptoms should consult an eye doctor to explore the best treatment options, which range from over-the-counter eye drops and nutritional supplements to prescription medications. For more information, visit

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