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Etnia Barcelona Unveils Limited Edition Inspired by Gaudí

Etnia Barcelona announces the launch of ‘Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona’, a limited-edition capsule of sunglasses inspired by the most significant symbols of Antoni Gaudí’s work.

‘Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona’ is inspired by one of the most emblematic buildings in the city of Barcelona, a World Heritage Site, and one of the greatest examples of Modernism, an artistic movement transformative for the Catalan capital due to its decorative exuberance, explosion of colour, and characteristic sinuous and undulating lines. A living and free art inspired by the organic forms of nature, breaking with previous norms.

Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona’ is described as an immersion into Gaudi’s universe, a representation of the majesty of Casa Batlló. In this collaboration, the brand pays homage to the artistic movement that has shaped the personality of the city and invites us to delve into this fantastical world inspired by nature.

Every corner of Casa Batlló is present in this limited edition of sunglasses: the oval shape of the front that recreates the balconies, the scaly texture of the temples like the roof, the temple tips inspired by the door-knobs, the gold-plated details of the frame, and the colour palette of the collection. The capsule consists of eight unique and numbered designs, featuring the most iconic symbols of Gaudí’s work.

Additionally, Etnia Barcelona encapsulates a part of this masterpiece in exclusive packaging that captures the essence of the architect’s style and design work.

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