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Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Discusses the Future of Smart Glasses

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions a future where smart glasses equipped with holographic displays will revolutionize communication and computing.

In an interview with YouTuber Kane “Kalloway” Sutter, Zuckerberg detailed Meta’s ambitious plans for these glasses, featuring cameras, microphones, speakers, and full-field-of-view holographic displays. He emphasized the potential for these glasses to surpass smartphones in dominance, citing concerns about smartphone habits disrupting present-moment engagement.

Meta’s investments in Reality Labs, responsible for VR and AR wearables and the Metaverse software, underscore their commitment despite anticipated long-term returns. Zuckerberg envisions glasses that seamlessly integrate real-time communication and information overlays, reminiscent of video game or military heads-up displays, emphasizing they are unmistakably glasses, not headsets.

While prototypes have garnered positive feedback, Meta remains focused on refining these innovations before wider release, driven by their goal to reshape digital interaction and usability in the future.

The full interview with time stamps can be watched here :

22:55 Ray-Ban Metas…could they eventually replace mobile phones?

26:37 The future of Meta Smart Glasses…3 product lines

31:20 Smart glasses vs phones

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