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Ray-Ban X A$AP Rocky Paris Fashion Week Debut

On Friday, June 21st, A$AP Rocky made his debut during Paris Fashion Week with his first-ever AWGE “American Sabotage” collection, where exclusive, classic and archival Ray-Ban designs were featured in the show.

The show did not disappoint in creating a wow factor. It featured 30 meticulously crafted looks designed with the help of Joshua Jamal, Bede Marchand, and Coucou Bebe which were completed with Ray-Ban frames, the perfect pairing of iconic fashion and new era style.

Photo by Dominique Maitre

The Mega Balorama (0RB2289 901/31 63) customized with gold logos was worn by female models. This style will be released in the FW24 collection, but is available for ECPs to order.

The Olympian optics (0RX6519 2500 54) also worn on a female model is an archival piece and not available to order.

The iconic Wayfarer (0RB214054 901) was worn by male models while A$AP Rocky himself has been donning the Ray-Ban Mega Wayfarer (0RB0840SF 901/31) for his entire appearance before, during and after the show.

Photo by Dominique Maitre

American Sabotage is a revolutionary brand that intertwines art and activism and presents a thought-provoking world of fashion where every stitch tells a story, and every strap challenges the status quo. A$AP Rocky previewed his brand-new collection of garments including large tank tops, baggy jeans, bomber jackets, suits, and more. Rihanna, Pusha T, Pharrell Williams and others were in the audience as the rapper-designer previewed his exclusive collection, and music from his forthcoming album Don’t Be Dumb.

Photo by Dominique Maitre

Ray-Ban is distributed in Canada by EssilorLuxottica.

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