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Second Annual Myopia Action Month Set for September 2024

Following a successful inaugural year, Myopia Profile announced the return of Myopia Action Month in September 2024. This global event is poised to deliver 30 days of tailored education, industry collaboration, and encouragement to empower eyecare professionals (ECPs) to more effectively address the disease, helping counter growing prevalence rates. The global initiative aligns with the World Council of Optometry’s advocacy for myopia patient care and is fully supported by Myopia Profile’s visionary sponsors.

“When we launched Myopia Action Month last year, feedback from the eye care community and industry was essential in shaping the curriculum,” said Dr. Kate Gifford, co-founder of Myopia Profile. “Heading into the second year, we’re expanding upon a successful foundation. The 2024 edition will bring even more engaging content and practical learning experiences.”

This year’s program features two educational tracks, “Foundations” and “Advanced,” each offering an on-demand package of four 15-minute recorded lectures covering a variety of topics. Sponsor product videos will accompany Myopia Profile’s science-based lectures to support practical understanding. Additionally, expanded social media activities will encourage ECPs to post, share, and discuss Myopia Action Month, while new and existing resources will further support ECPs in refining their myopia management strategies.

“The resources we’re developing are designed to empower ECPs at any stage to refine their myopia action plans and management strategies,” said Dr. Gifford. “Our 2024 event will introduce new practice support, online courses, downloadable resources, and a host of other additions.  We had a fantastic first year, and we’re committed to making this September even more valuable in turning myopia knowledge and awareness into action.”

More information about Myopia Action Month, including how to register at no cost, will be published on in the coming months.

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