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World Council of Optometry and Coopervision Partner on Myopia Management Navigator Educational Resource

To help advance myopia management as a standard of care, the World Council of Optometry (WCO) is partnering with CooperVision, a global leader in myopia management, to introduce an interactive and educational resource for eye care practitioners worldwide. The WCO CooperVision Myopia Management Navigator takes you on a journey through the three M’s of myopia management: mitigation, measurement, and management.

Each of the three sections of the Navigator is linked to various elements of content and filled with advice and practical actions to explore in the form of “Myopia Moments,” webinars and much more. The Navigator also serves as a ready resource in clinical settings to provide guidance for patients and families in discussions about myopia management.

WCO President Dr. Sandra Block said, “We are pleased to partner with CooperVision on this important educational initiative which complements our ongoing efforts to advance myopia management as the global standard of care. It is crucial to educate both new and more experienced practitioners, and to expand their knowledge on integrating myopia management in their practices. We have made good progress, but there is still work to be done to prompt action worldwide.”

The WCO myopia management standard of care resolution was developed and introduced in April 2021. It includes the three main standard of care pillars of mitigation, measurement, and management. With the global support of CooperVision, WCO has since worked to advance awareness and adoption of this landmark initiative.

CooperVision Director, Global Professional Affairs, Myopia Elizabeth Lumb said, “The Navigator offers a user-friendly online platform, providing a simple and accessible resource for clinicians, parents, and allied professionals to navigate their own educational path through myopia management. In addition, we’re grateful to the WCO for offering an opportunity to partner with global ambassadors, enabling us to extend our reach and raise awareness on a global scale. This collaboration provides us with an extra avenue to amplify and promote this valuable resource.”

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