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Ray-Ban Takes Brand Into a New Era With the New Collection, Ray-Ban Pulse

Ray-Ban announces nine next-generation silhouettes in the new Ray-Ban Pulse collection. The unabashed self-expression and a willingness to live in full colour ushers the brand towards a fresh future. The campaign was shot by photographer/filmmaker Tyrell Hampton. While the collection toys with the notion of fluidity; oscillating between eras, attitudes and subcultures, Tyrell captures movement and energy. Vivacious, original and wholly unisex, each new model plays the old against the new, the bold against the classic, innovation against nostalgia. Crafted with responsible intention, Ray-Ban Pulse embraces bio-based materials*.

These new models encapsulate neo-90s style with delicate rimless designs, playful shapes, and colourful lenses. Anh and Xime master modern minimalism with tinted lenses and thin metal temples. Izaz and Xan rock chunky vibes and sport-inspired curves. Zena, Kat and Teru remix a space-race aesthetic. And Yevi and Emy sit between sophisticated and experimental, with wire frames and geometric silhouettes.

Just when you think you’ve put your finger on it, Ray-Ban Pulse challenges any notion of predictability infusing the iconic Ray-Ban DNA with twists and turns you’ve never seen.



The Xan are vivid visor shades that shield the eyes with sculpted frames defined by subtle curves to the high points and thick, tapered temples. Enhancing the athletic aesthetic, energetic colour combinations of green apple, lilac, cobalt blue or black come complete with tone-on-tone bio-based nylon* lenses.



Xime is an irregular butterfly cut that showcases sharp angles, set with ultra-sleek metal temples in gold or gunmetal tones. Also featuring bio-based nylon* lenses in a pastel palette of fresh lilac, green apple, cherry or classic black.



Teru is sleek with an exaggerated, rectangular frame detailed featuring chunky, tapered temples. Bracing colourways bolster the solid sense of line, available in lilac, fresh green, cobalt blue or black, complete with tone-on-tone lenses.


*Lenses designed with bio-nylon containing 40% bio-based carbon content** (available only for classic sun lenses). Non metallic frames also feature bio-based frames with 57% bio-based carbon content**.

** tested according to ASTM D6866 standard


Ray-Ban is distributed in Canada by EssilorLuxottica.

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