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WestGroupe Expands Sales Team in Canada and U.S.

WestGroupe, a leading optical company headquartered in Montreal, has announced the expansion of its North American sales force to accommodate the upcoming additions of AllSaints, Nano and BFlex to its brand portfolio. In Canada, this new division will work alongside the existing Western and Wescan divisions, according to the announcement. WestGroupe said it will create a new two-division structure in the U.S. The brands within this new structure will enjoy the same discount levels and sales programs as WestGroupe’s existing brands, the company said.

Mike Debono, COO and VP of global sales, said, “To be able to offer these well-regarded brands as part of the WestGroupe offering is very exciting for us. The depth and breadth of these collections require a dedicated sales team to provide our customers with the exceptional service they deserve. Our goal is to support their business growth in the most efficient way possible.”

Michael Suliteanu, president of WestGroupe, said, “This is just the beginning. We will continue our brand expansion throughout 2025, providing independent ECPs with unique brands and programs that help them remain competitive and profitable in this ever-changing marketplace.”

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